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In light of recent updates, I feel that it’s time for me to write some major character analysis. Don’t expect anything earth-shattering from me right now. I’m running on next to no sleep, and I’m basically doing this to distract myself from feeling tired! 

…But I want to take a minute to talk to you guys about Terezi Pyrope.


(cut for length and amount of images) 

Terezi’s character arc is well-written and downright fascinating. She, along with many of the other characters in Homestuck, are beautifully developed, and watching them grow and change has been really cool.   


Part of what makes Terezi such a good character is the fact that she’s complicated. She is fun loving and hilarious! She is amazingly insightful and perceptive! She is driven and tenacious! She’s an intelligent chess-master who can play pretty much anyone.

I’m pretty sure Terezi could trick a desert dweller into buying a dehumidifier. Y’know, if that was a thing that needed to happen.


…but she isn’t immune from the occasional slip in judgement. 


Terezi has a strong sense of morality. When we first meet the little legislacerator, it’s obvious that she tends to see good and bad as cut and dry concepts. Her mantra is “bad guys need to be punished.” 


She has thoroughly studied the hell out of Alternian Law. She was eager to put her knowledge to good use, in both her FLARPing sessions and in her courtblock role-plays. Terezi is a sadistic person with a REALLY morbid sense of humor, but she also has strong ethics and is a fairly nice person. It makes sense that she’d be drawn to a vocation which would allow her to unleash her nasty side in a “constructive” and “non-evil”  way. 

(There’s also the fact that her childhood hero was Ms. Latula Redglare, esq. hehehehehe).  

As Terezi has grown up, we’ve watched her wrestle with morality. We’ve watched her learn some pretty hardcore lessons, the most important of which is probably “the world isn’t always black and white.”



Terezi’s childhood seems to be a rare topic in the fandom, which is really surprising. Her backstory is absolutely fascinating! 

She grew up in a dangerous forest, in a dangerous culture, on a dangerous planet. And she survived without anyone’s help. As a young child she was assigned to a deadbeat lusus, dropped in the middle of the woods with the tools and manpower to build a home, and was then told “good luck, kiddo! CYA!” 

The fact that Terezi was given an (initially) useless lusus is very interesting. It’s possible that the same underground groups who guarded the Sufferer’s legacy and ensured Karkat’s protection recognized Terezi’s importance, and knew that she belonged to the egg on the doomsday scale. She also might have been called out of the brooding caverns by her lusus, which is entirely likely given the fact that Dragonmom can y’know…control her.  



Terezi’s habit of playing with scalemates provides an interesting insight into her mind. She pretends they’re alive to annoy people, but she has a deeper reason to surround herself with stuffed animals.  


Remember that she’s lived most of her life alone. 

It’s insinuated that she carried around a little squishy version of her unhatched lusus when she was younger.

She even brings it with her when she confronts Vriska.


And she apparently still treasures it as an older teen. 

When you stop to consider why she’s always carting that dragon around, it becomes less of a cute personality quirk and more of a thing that is horribly SAD. 

It’s for comfort. It reminds her of her mom.  


That’s downright heartbreaking.

For extra heartbreak, consider this. 



Fandom, if you get any sort of message from this section of the essay, please let that message be “WOW, WE NEED MORE TEREZI AND DRAGONMOM FANWORKS.” 



Despite the challenges of her childhood, Terezi remained a fairly optimistic person. And while she is a very strong young lady, she has battled some major self-esteem issues, and that optimism has been slipping. For obvious reasons.  


She used to be confident, but it seems like she’s lost most of her former bravado. 

There are tons of examples of Terezi’s insecurity. Look in every act six intermission and you will see it. 


Terezi may pretend to be a morbid little gremlin sometimes, but it’s obvious that she has a healthy sense of decorum. She is not completely sociopathic! She cares what people think of her. 

She may be unafraid to get up in the grills of her friends and act slightly embarrassing, but we have also seen her become embarrassed by the actions of her friends in front of new people. 


We’ve…actually seen this happen a few times. 


She loves pushing boundaries, but she’ll quickly back off if she senses that she’s gone too far. 

My personal favorite example of her toeing the line comes from the <3 chatlog. That conversation was obviously touchy and scary for Karkat, and Terezi knew it. She knew just where his limits were, and although she definitely pushed him in that conversation, she also backed off a few times. If you look at the way that the log ended, it’s obvious that she hadn’t gone too far. Karkat could have easily panicked and run off if Terezi hadn’t handled it just right. But not only did she encourage him to open up a bit, she also managed to leave him comfortable enough to give her that shy display of affection at the end of the conversation. Her motivation in that conversation appears to have been the desire to get closer to Karkat. It wasn’t just an excuse to mess with him or tease him about his blood. If that was her only motivation, she would have pushed him more.

That girl has some insane interpersonal skills. 

Terezi’s mad skills don’t end at interpersonal intelligence. She’s also incredible at managing adversity. If something bad happens to her, she doesn’t wallow. She sees the problem, accepts that it’s there, finds a way to deal with it, and then moves on. 


She’s managed to twist some pretty catastrophic situations into personal gain…or at least that was the old Terezi. It seems like killing Vriska flicked a switch in her brain, and it’s likely that she’s not as resilient as she used to be. Or at least that’s what evidence has suggested. :/ 

I could go on and on about Terezi. She has good traits and bad traits like any well-rounded character. Which brings us to the final point of this rambling mess:


Terezi is from a different culture with a different relationship system. But even though she is not a cheater, she is definitely doing something that would hurt her alien boyfriend. What she did with Gamzee was not only dishonest, it was hurtful. And she knew it was dishonest and hurtful. Terezi screwed up and she screwed up big time. It’s ok to recognize and discuss this fact.

If you have a problem with Terezi’s relationship with Gamzee, that’s fine. It’s totally ok to disapprove of how they ended up together. It is ok to dislike their kismesitude, and it’s even fine to disapprove of it because you dislike Gamzee or because you ship her with someone else in the black quadrant. Hell, you don’t even need a reason to not like it! As long as you’re not being rude with your opinion, ship whatcha wanna ship and party on!!!  

However, (and this is a HUGE however), it is NOT ok to disapprove of Terezi’s relationship with Gamzee because you feel that she owes something to Karkat. In terms of her black quadrant, Terezi is operating within perfectly acceptable cultural bounds. She may have been hurtful and dishonest, and what she did SUCKED. But according to her culture she has not cheated on anyone. Please recognize this. 

Personally, it is my opinion that she and Gamzee both handled things in the worst possible way. While she does not owe anyone a quadrant, she DOES owe certain people the courtesy of honesty. She owes it to Karkat as her friend. She owes it to Dave as her boyfriend. 


TEREZI DOES NOT OWE ANYONE A RELATIONSHIP. Insinuating that Karkat “deserves her” because he’s in love with her or because he’s been there to support her is not cool. It reduces her into an object to be won or earned. Allow that to sink in. It reduces Terezi Pyrope, one of the most interesting and strong female characters in Homestuck, into an object for a boy to win. 


Look at the beginning of this essay. There’s a reason I opened with a huge Terezi analysis. A really good reason. 

That reason should be obvious.  

Let me finish by making the point that I’m a huge Karezi shipper. I cried when I voiced the Karkat/Terezi conversation from Openbound. I have a good chunk of the <3 chatlog memorized from dealing with it so much. I want to see endgame Karezi happen more than anything. I think they will always care about each other, and I will root for them until the bitter end.  

But you have to look at both Terezi and Karkat as separate individuals who have REALLY rich and fascinating backstories. If they’re going to be together, it has to happen correctly. If they get together it won’t be because one “owes the other something” or because one “deserves” the other. 

If it happens, it will be because they love each other. 




…and all. 

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