Hello, you can call me Afina!

I'm a New England native who loves coffee, dragons, reading, writing, webcomics (especially Homestuck), gaming (especially The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, and Resident Evil), and many other fine pursuits.

For reblogs you can expect to see Homestuck, Attack on Titan, Zelda, Ace Attorney, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wicked (the musical), music, and random pretty pictures. You can also expect the occasional text post about my life as an extrovert who lives in the middle of a huge ass forest.

I am an amateur VA on YouTube, and here on Tumblr. I mostly voice Terezi Pyrope (and Latula Pyrope) from Homestuck, but I have also voiced other characters for both fan and original projects. Check out my voice acting tag or Youtube channel if you want to hear some of my work!

And yes, I am the person behind 4SK T3R3Z1 VO1C3!

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I know you guys want hot mom pants CHECK OUT THE THREAD HERE

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Hey guys! 

Just a heads up that the internet at my house was knocked out by a power outage last weekend, which is why I haven’t been around much for the past few days. I’ve had a tenuous mobile connection, and that’s about it. 

It’s pretty annoying, but don’t worry. I will be back soon! With any luck it won’t be more than a few days.  

Okay, that’s all! Goodnight! 


And if this be our last conversation,

If this be the last time that we speak for awhile,

Don’t lose hope and don’t let go.





One day I’ll be a part of the Tooch’s Hot Friends tag. One day…

ive been a part of tooch’s hot friend tag

I don’t wanna be a part of the Tooch’s Hot Friends tag anymore.

I made a crabby friend!


…What ?

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There can never be enough Karezi in my art tag. Never.

Asker lcgman Asks:
As I read the new paradox space comic, I keep imagining your voice. I heard voice actors like to be told when that happens, so I thought I'd tell you. Later.
celestialtoxophilite celestialtoxophilite Said:

That is incredibly kind! We do indeed like being told that. Thank you so much!